The Tasting Department



  • Purebred Mixed Breed

  • Age: 3 yrs.

  • The Garbage Disposal. Treat, not a treat, it really doesn’t matter to Leo. He’ll always be happy to eat. Always shows up to work with a new dirty joke.



  • Cat From tha Streetz.

  • Age: 3-ish “street” years.

  • The Little Guy. After being found starving in the street, being diagnosed with kitty cancer, and being adopted to a house with two big ol’ dogs, Ace is in high spirits, still kickin, and ready as ever to try a treat or four.



  • Cat Not From Tha Streetz

  • Age:

  • The Crossed Eyed Pussy. Despite being crossed eyed this snuggly little cat has no problem finding the treats. He is particularly fond of the peanut butter Animal Crackers. Often in cahoots with Otis to secure treats from hard to reach spots after hours.


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