About Drool

Drool is a Utah-born dog biscuit company created by dog people for dog people's dogs. We are based out of Park City where the dog population currently outnumbers the people! We bake small batch, artisanal dog biscuits from all natural, human-grade ingredients and we strive to keep all ingredients real and as locally-sourced as we can. And yes, you can even eat them if you want! We think they're pretty tasty, if we do say so ourselves!

Our Mission

Drool has been our dream for many years and the inspiration for our treats came from discovering that many of the diseases and premature deaths of our family pets stemmed from poor nutrition. So we thought, what if we feed our pets wholesome, real food? So that’s what we did! With good nutrition, diseases like cancer and diabetes can be prevented in our pets and sometimes even cured! Our passion is to educate dog owners and raise awareness around what good dog nutrition looks like - all the way down to the treats that we give them. And that’s one of the many reasons why we started making our own wholesome, pet-approved treats. Our hope is that we can help dog owners understand the importance of good nutrition to help extend the lives of their family pets!

Where To Find Drool

We are currently selling our biscuits at: The Market in PC, The Store in Cottonwood Heights, The Store on 900 So and 100 West, Hugo’s Coffee in PC, Food Town in Kamas and now at BlueSky Resort in PC.